We Value Our Partners

We recognize that our technology partners are critical to our ability to deliver comprehensive mission-critical solutions. Therefore, we have aligned ourselves with technology partners that offer the most advanced, dependable, and cost effective solutions available.

Our partner's technology combined with our highly trained engineering team helps clients manage the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures and the demands of its users.

Building long-standing, strategic partnerships is an important part of the continued growth and success of Meertek Solutions. Meertek Solutions partners with a variety of organizations to bring the best IT solutions to market. These partnerships include manufacturers, industry standards organizations, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and more.

Meertek Solutions is dedicated to forging partnerships that are designed to provide customers around the world with industry-leading infrastructure solutions and network services. For more information about partnering with Meertek Solutions please contact info@meertek.com

Whether we help our clients with a complex multi-phased solution or simply source and ship a network adapter overnight, Meertek Solutions is there to help.

We can help your business procure technology products faster and easier. Simply speak to your account manager for a customized quote. We can customize your account for your specific needs:

Custom Catalogs
Special Pricing by Product or Brand
Multiple Payment and Delivery Options
Shipment Tracking Information
Purchasing Limits by User
Customizable User Settings

Our Core Partners

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